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The Ribera del Júcar Protected Designation of Origin celebrates its tenth anniversary with the commitment of offering the best possible wines.

This Protected Designation of Origin is presented as a project that overcomes the mere economic aspect to undertake the social aspect

In this year, 2013, the Ribera del Júcar Protected Designation of Origin celebrates its Tenth Anniversary. This young Protected Designation of Origin was created in the year 2003 and it has now been working on offering the consumer its excellent wines for a full decade, period during which it has managed to captivate the consumer and spread its presence beyond our borders. 

This is thus explained by the president of the designation, Javier Prósper, who makes a very positive assessment of the outcome of these last ten years: “we are a young Designation of Origin and, indeed, we are fighters; we started with enthusiasm that is still going on strong today and with the only goal of working to offer the very best possible wines.” In this sense he clarifies the statement, indicating that “I am absolutely certain that the Ribera del Júcar Designation of Origin and quality are indissolubly connected, as without a doubt these last ten years are a corroboration of this fact, overflowing as they are with distinctions, awards and the unconditional backing of the consumers and experts.”

After ten years of life the small Castile-La Mancha chateaux still maintains its essence of exclusivity, “the tradition and personality that have branded our red wines are the main factors that lead to its differentiation on the market,” comments Prósper, “as we have been working for ten years along the same line of priorities that characterizes us: the quality of our wines and team work.” 

Social Commitment
This Designation of Origin, which is located in the southern part of the province of Cuenca, was conceived as a multifunctional project that revolves around the balance of the viniculture ecosystem, painstakingly caring for the vines and promoting the development of the vine growers and, in general, of the population living in the towns. One of this Designation of Origin’s maxims, which has been maintained during its short yet intense lifetime, is to promote development of the towns that earn their living with vine growing, “we cannot just merely dedicate ourselves to selling wine, as we also have a social commitment with our people, with the workers of our towns,” clarifies the president, Javier Prósper, “we must spread and expand Rural Development.” Here at the Ribera del Júcar we are promoting activities in parallel fashion to the production of wine, these being ecotourism, guided visits to the wineries or outdoor leisure activities. “The Ribera del Júcar Protected Designation of Origin is far more than just making wine,” adds Prósper. 

Sixty percent of the production of Ribera del Júcar Protected Designation of Origin wines is exported, all in bottled format. Specifically, these wines can be found in countries such as the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Great Britain or Germany. Prósper states that the Protected Designation of Origin has more than proven that the wineries and cooperatives that make up the same are prepared, both technologically as well as in human capital, to undertake exporting. However, he also states that “although the foreign market is very important, our natural market should be our own country and we must continue working on this instance, attending trade fairs, forums, contests and events that will serve the purpose of making the quality of our wines known to all.” 

These wines have also been classified by the Castile-La Mancha Institute of the Vine and Wine (IVICAM), which also entails the concept of traceability and absolute quality in their production, with the vineyards being fully controlled throughout all the production stages and the wine itself, subsequently, in its transformation stage. 
The Ribera del Júcar Protected Designation of Origin counts with an extensive vineyard of more than nine thousand hectares (22,240 acres), located in the municipal terms of Casas de Benítez, Casas de Fernando Alonso, Casas de Guijarro, Casas de Haro, El Picazo, Pozoamargo and Sisante, all found in the southern part of the province of Cuenca.

February of 2013



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The Ribera del Júcar Protected Designation of Origin celebrates its tenth anniversary with the commitment of offering the best possible wines. |

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