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Quality, common denominator after finishing the wine harvest in PDO Ribera del Júcar



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Despite the weather we have endured, in comparison with last year we have obtained grapes of greater quality this season. 


Quality, common denominator after finishing the wine harvest in PDO Ribera del Júcar.


The Protected Designation of Origin Ribera del Júcar has finished its campaign in accordance to the forecasts: the rain has favored an increase in production in some areas, while frost has given rise to somewhat of a decrease in other areas, although the common denominator has been quality. 

The Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) of Ribera del Júcar has finished its harvest campaign in accordance to its initial estimates, in which variations had been foreseen in as far as production is concerned, the same depending on the areas. As a whole it can be highlighted that the total volume has been slightly reduced, even though there are a few areas in which this reduction has even reached twenty-five percent compared to the past year, with the reason residing in the adverse weather conditions. 


Hence, as explained by Julián Girón, Manager of the Purísima Concepción Cooperative that is affiliated to the PDO, “compared to last year in the area of Casas de Fernando Alonso this has been a short harvest, reduced in about twenty-five percent and in thirty-five percent with regards to a normal harvest”.  


The frosts this winter and spring have been the reason behind the fact that quite a few vines have not been harvested at all in this municipal district, “as it was not worth our while since many vines did not even have grapes and others had a very low production” asserts Girón. 


On the other hand, however, the amount of grape harvested at the Magdalena Cooperative in Casas de Haro has increased thanks to the rainfall in late August and early September, “determining factor that has given rise to a more balanced grape and a harvest that is better than last year’s”, Julián Carretero tells us. He also affirms “the rainfall has been beneficial for both the volume and quality”. 

On her part Micaela Rubio García, Head of Quality for Bodegas San Ginés in Casas de Benítez, emphasizes that the “weather conditions have allowed gradual ripening and harvesting of the grape, which has seen its reward in the final product that is more compensated in aromas, degree of alcohol and acidity”. 


The quality obtained in the PDO Ribera del Júcar is in great measure established in the staggered or staged harvest that is carried out. Thus this year the harvest started somewhat late, awaiting the optimal ripening point of the fruit and mainly harvesting the Tempranillo, Merlot, Syrah and Macabeo varieties and highlighting the particular and exclusive Small-grain Muscatel variety. During the subsequent weeks, following sample taking and applying selective harvesting, the seven wineries that are affiliated to the PDO continued harvesting the later varieties such as the Petit Verdot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Bobal, Cabernet Franc, etc. throughout the 22,240 acres that correspond to the different municipal districts that grouped together in the shape of cooperatives and wineries make up this designation. 

Ten percent more of bottled product

Altogether, the area corresponding to the PDO Ribera del Júcar has in its whole not reached the forty million kilograms of previous years, although it will come close with a slight downward trend. Even so, the forecast for bottled product of this Protected Designation of Origin still stands at 750,000 bottles, ten percent more than last year. 






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Quality, common denominator after finishing the wine harvest in PDO Ribera del Júcar |

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